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To journey or not to journey? That is the question.

To journey is to travel from one place to another. Humans have been physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually journeying since we have been on the planet. Do you day dream? Go on autopilot? Experience deja vu? Eat a meal that reminds you of childhood? Smell a flower and it launches you into an imagination of thought? These are all forms of conscious journeying, where you are teleported to a different time and space dimension while your body remains in the same location.

Journeying is an innate gift humans have. We are not constrained to our physical locations mentally, emotionally or energetically. We are capable of entertaining a limitless realm of higher consciousness. And thank goddess, because the demands of every day adulting can get really intense.

How you choose to journey is a personal decision. Some of us find comfort in a seated meditation practice while others need movement, some of us use guided imagery and music, others may use plant medicine, some people may want to journey alone while others want to journey in a tribe. There is no one right way or dogma to adhere to. Journeying is an innate human right and a cultivated skill.

We do not expect ourselves to run a marathon or produce a fine art piece without practice and the same holds true for journey work. Without any effort made to cultivate this higher consciousness skill, it will merely remain unexercised but never inaccessible, it will remain dormant.

I think journeying is about learning how to expand into more than my physical existence. I spent so many years being fearful of the control I would lose in expanding my consciousness because I didn’t want to fall apart. And I was sure I would not be able to put the pieces back together. It is clear to me now though, that this idea of “control” keeps me in a very fragile place where I am a slave to what my brain can only understand and explain. And it kept me depressed and worried. The world is just so damn big, and there is so much I do not know.

I think in its simplest form, journeying is how we return home to ourselves. We return to our inner wisdom and resolve that the struggles of this lifetime may have hidden away. It is in this reconnection to ourselves that we find self-healing.

So if you are tired of not having enough energy and bandwidth, then I invite you to expand your journeying practice. We founded Conscious Journey Events/Retreats for those that want to expand their consciousness by journeying with a tribe. We offer immersive experiences that allow folks to journey through a combination of ancient healing practices involving energy medicine with modern day discussions and connections with like minded people.

Conscious Journey Events/Retreats focus on human nervous system regulation and returning to our natural self-healing abilities, without the use of medicines or the unintended side effects traditional trauma exposure approaches can have on your nervous system when you are not ready for those techniques yet. Conscious Journey Events/Retreats will also complement any pre or post therapeutic psychedelic sessions to further your integration and healing. We offer single day events to long weekend retreats to experience the benefits of energy medicine and help you connect back to your intuitive self-healing practices.

If you are choosing to journey with plant or synthetic medicines for therapeutic benefits, (not just an administrator of the medicine) to ensure your safety and to obtain a maximized benefit of the downloads you receive. This form of journey work is blowing through all the ego defenses that also keep your nervous system functioning as best it can. Psychedelic assistive therapies are a growing business in the West, and not everyone’s primary concern is for best healing practices of their patients. If your safety and nervous system regulation are not attended to, there are serious risks and potential for further escalation of symptoms. If you have complex posttraumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) please know these risk can include psychosis and suicidal ideation. If you need help finding an integration practitioner in California we are happy to help. Or you can visit the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Psychedelic Integration List at This is a truly powerful healing modality when done with the support it needs.

Regardless of how you decide to journey, we wish you well on your journey forward and invite you to connect with a higher consciousness practice today.


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