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We work with adult individuals and partnerships to provide a safe space for people to truly look at their experiences and move through blocks.  We engage a unique approach that combines elements of talk therapy with holistic healing modalities to address your specific goals and areas of concern. Whether it is your first time seeking help, or you have been in therapy before, your approach can help aid you in the following: decrease stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed, relief from physical and emotional pain, shift depression states, address phase of life demands, heal unresolved grief and trauma, improve communication and strengthen relationship connections, build confidence in parenting and caregiving and reconnect to your self-healing abilities. 

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is an evidence-based, relaxing, nurturing, and heart-centered energy therapy that uses light or no touch with intention to assist in balancing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  Healing Touch assists in creating a coherent and balanced energy field, supporting one’s inherent ability to heal.  It is safe for all ages and may be integrated with standard medical and behavioral health care.


Healing Touch is beneficial in calming anxiety and reducing symptoms of depression, decreasing pain, strengthening the immune system, enhancing recovery from surgery, complementing care for neck and spine problems, deepening spiritual connection, supporting cancer care, creating a sense of well-being, and easing acute and chronic conditions.  (Adapted from Healing Beyond Borders)

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EFT Coaching

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a self-help method that involves using the fingers to gently tap on the body's acupressure points along the meridian lines of Chinese medicine. It is often referred to as ‘Tapping’. The therapeutic effects of this technique have been recognized globally. EFT Tapping helps us tune in to the negative patterns that we form around our uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, or troubling memories. We ‘tap’ on the correct pressure points while bringing the thoughts or emotions into consciousness. The aim is to find relief, relaxation, and promote healing around the emotional or physical issues that hold us back. One can use EFT tapping for anxiety, compulsive thoughts, weight loss concerns, pain, stress and many other issues. (Adapted from EFT International)

Psychedelic Integration Therapy 

Psychedelic Integration Therapy consists of 50-minute individual therapy services to assist with immediate concerns and conceptualization of your psychedelic experience.  Having a safe space to verbally process while addressing your implementation plan for continued growth and healing are some of the direct advantages of engaging in integration services and allows you to maximize the benefits of your psychedelic experience safely. 

Healing Touch
Psychedelic Intergration
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