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January 2022 McJunkinInc Newsletter

Hello Beautiful People,

Well 2022 is happening. I hope this eco-friendly newsletter finds you well and thriving. Very excited to have a full year of integrative healing opportunities from single day to full nature weekend retreats. I'm really understanding how much fun and humor is a quintessential tool for healing. We just don't need all the fire and brimstone or personal boot camps to create effective change. We need an intrinsic connection to whatever we are seeking. So I choose to use nature and a tribe of like minded peeps to make this happen. Hope you can join us for some good times and collective healing we can all use right now. Flyers are attached for the events coming up.

Again for those of you who are rocking your abundance and looking to invest in a cause, I would love to connect with you further about our integrative healing sponsorship opportunities to help other members of our community access integrative healing experiences. Help attend our fundraiser events to support this cause!

Hope you can join us and deepen your connection to self-healing. Please feel free to visit for more class and healing retreat information as well as resources articles on healing. Wishing you well on your journey choosing your vibe. Much love -Lisa #IChooseMyVibeTribe #IntegrativeHealing #SelfHealing #LaughterIsMedicine


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